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The banana tree always has been present in the history of the humanity. It comes from the south of Asia, but only until century XVI banana tree stems were taken to the Antilles by Spanish missionaries.

The invention of steamers propagated its commercialization towards Europe, and a little later, with the arrival of boats with cooled warehouses, the commercial volumes went off, because all the embarked fruit can survive the long marine trip, since it is harvested when still green and it is embarked in warehouses that count on temperature control to thus maintain it until the arrival to their destiny where are matured and they are offered very fresh to the public. Since then, the banana tree consumption has increased exponentially, as much that in some countries its consumption is more of the double of which was consumed 10 years ago.

This fruit is our reason of being, is reason why we worked every day: in order to produce the best banana tree of the world!

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